905 CMS - Content Management System

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What makes 905 CMS different?

SPEED! - Page rendering time as low as 10ms means your customers never have to wait when visiting your site and your website can handle more traffic

FLEXIBILITY - Unlimited websites running within 905 CMS from one hosting account. If you own multiple websites, or you are making a micro-site for an event, you can easily run this new site from within the same system.

E-COMMERCE - Complete product catalog system with checkout support of multiple shipping options and multiple payment processors. We also support order forms for smaller product inventories.

API INTEGRATION - Integrated with Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Paypal, InternetSecure, Moneris, BeanStream, Purolator, just to name a few!

CUSTOMIZATION - Designed to handle any and all types of websites. Everything in the system can be customized per site and per installation.

EASY-TO-USE - The best system available from beginners to experts. 905 CMS makes building and customizing websites as easy as cut-and-paste.

WHITE LABEL BRANDING - You may brand 905 CMS to any name you wish! E-mails and bug reports go to your support box, your name and/or logo appears as the business that owns the software. 905 CMS is not mentioned anywhere! (Resellers only, licensing contract required)

905 CMS Modules

905 CMS Module Inserter

We developed all 905 CMS Modules for use within TinyMCE as a plugin.

This new plugin allows you to insert any module on any page you want.

Some examples of modules:

Forms, page listings, photo galleries, product offerings, search boxes, search results, e-commerce carts, member functionality, RSS feeds, Google Maps, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, everything!

We then took it a step further.

We designed all our code modules to be as configurable and customizable as possible. This means you can tweak modules to suit your exact requirements


What is 905 CMS?

905 CMS is web based software that allows anyone to create, maintain, and enhance their website.

You can manage all of your pages, products, orders, users, groups, photo galleries, advertisements, e-blast! e-mail marketing, store locations/hours, calendars, events and settings for all of your websites from one location.

We designed every module in 905 CMS to be as flexible, easy-to-use, and feature-rich as possible. With a consistent user interface for all modules, everyone finds it easy to navigate and control all of their information.

Adding and editing pages is as simple as editing text in your favourite word processing software!

With the addition of the 905 CMS Module Inserter, you can now insert galleries, forms, products, news, advertisements, page listings, blogs, search boxes, search results, etc ... on any page you want, in any location you want!

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Core Modules


Quick access to recently worked on items, display of website statistics, pending orders that need attention, important messages and the latest news about system updates. Display of dashboard elements can be controlled via the Site Config module.


Manage all users/groups/security across your entire website. Export users for use in other programs.

Manage Content

A core module, the manage content module is designed for ultimate power, control and flexibility. Adding a page to your website is a simple as typing in a title for the page, pasting in your content, and clicking save. With the added functionality of our custom module inserter, you can now insert slideshows, galleries, forms, etc. and customize them to your requirements.

Gallery & Advertisements

Manage unlimited folders and images with ease and speed. All images automatically re-sized into other predefined sizes for an optimized end user experience and reduction in bandwidth usage.

eCommerce Orders

Manage fulfillment process for online orders. All orders assigned unique order ID's.


Manage unlimited campaigns of as many newsletters and participants you wish. Includes modules for Subscribing and Unsubscribing that can easily be inserted into any page in any location within the Manage Content module. Easily manage all of your subscribers and export for use in other programs.

Site Config

Setup as many sites as you wish under one system. Requires only one hosting account. You can assign multiple domain names to one site. Supports configuration of sites as subdomains (store.yoursite.com). Configure various settings for your entire website. Turn your website on/off or your e-Commerce on/off with the click of a button.


Manage unlimited folders of unlimited templates and assign those templates to pages within your site.

Custom Modules

Please contact us if you have any custom programming requirements.

We're happy to provide a no cost no obligation quote.